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Why Do You Need Mobile Phone Screen Protectors?

There are two types of mobile phone screen protectors, one is physical film and the other is chemical film. Generally, the so-called film means that the plastic and glass that are visible to the naked eye are physical films. However, there are chemical films on the physical film that are invisible to the naked eye. The physical film provides physical protection, such as being impacted by external forces. The anti-fingerprint, water repellent, and easy-to-clean characteristics are derived from the chemical film. The chemical film produces a thin layer of chemical substance on the glass material by means of "electroless plating". For the sake of distinction, chemical film is also called cell phone coating. But in fact, the mobile phone screen protectors contain both physical and chemical films.

The characteristics of different types of mobile phone screen protectors:

1. HD screen protector: the display effect will not be reduced by the screen protector.

2. Frosted screen protector: the surface of the screen protector is frosted to increase its roughness, so that it has a frosted feel. The screen protector can diffuse the light when it hits the screen, reduce the direct exposure of light to the glasses, and protect the eyes. Effectively reduce fingerprints leaving marks on the screen.

3. Diamond screen protector: when the phone is turned off or in standby mode, there will be diamond spots on the screen under the sun, and the phone screen will become shiny, which can beautify the phone. But in the process of using the phone, the flash will be hidden automatically.

4. Mirror screen protector: you can use the phone screen as a mirror.

5. Tempered glass screen protector: prevent the mobile phone screen from breaking and protect the mobile phone screen. And the display effect will not be reduced by the screen protector.

6. Privacy screen phone protector: The anti-peeping screen protector mainly adopts the patented technology of MICROLOUVER optics, so that the frontal light can directly reach the eyes without refraction. The screen content cannot be viewed on the left and right sides which achieves a high degree of privacy.

7. Hydraulic screen protector: tailor-made for different electronic screen surfaces.

8. Explosion-proof screen protector: mobile phone explosion-proof screen protector is composed of five layers of protective film, hardened layer, transparent polyester film, glue layer, and release film. It is a kind of PC plastic pasted on or under the glass of the capacitive screen. When the mobile phone is accidentally hit, it can play a role in preventing the glass panel from being broken and scattered and causing nearby people to be injured.

9. Anti-fingerprint screen protector: through the screen protector 's own process characteristics, it can dilute and decompose the visibility of fingerprint grease to avoid leaving fingerprints on the screen. Moreover, it is anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, and it can also block the strong light generated by the reflection of the backlight to the greatest extent, effectively protecting the eyes.

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