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Which Screen Protector Is Best for You? Contrast of 4 Common Liquid Phone Protectors

It has been argued for long time whether there should be liquid phone protectors, which is more reassuring generally. Now all kinds of liquid phone protectors have emerged on the market where there are mainly four kinds, high definition, mirror, tempered and anti blue light. Here's a comparison of the four types to see which works best for you.

1. HD protector

HD protector is very thin with high transmittance, which will not influence the visual effect basically since it's difficult to find the screen put up with the screen protector without a closer look. But it feels bad, easy to scratch and with fingerprints, oil stains.

2. Mirror protector

The mirror protector adopts unique mirror coating technology. The screen presents a high quality mirror effect in standby state with quite clear visual effect after the screen background light is turned on. So, besides protecting the screen, it can also be used as a mirror. But the mirror mask reflects light more heavily, making the screen hard to see in the sun.

3. Tempered glass protector

Tempered glass, also known as tempered glass protector, is made of tempered glass. It doesn't only have the transmittance of HD protector but also has high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and fingerprint resistance, with the strongest protection to the screen. The thickness of this protective layer is only 0.1mm, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent external damage and scratches and increase the impact absorbability, which is 5 times higher than the standard of PET. It doesn't affect the video effect of the screen.

4. Anti blue light screen protector

Different from the above screen protectors, the anti blue light screen protector focuses on "man-machine double protection", that is, the pursuit of good eye protection effect while protecting the mobile phone. The high-energy blue light emitted from mobile phone screens (including computer, iPad, TV and other electronic screens) will cause irreversible damage to the eyes, causing eye fatigue, dryness, soreness, myopia, cataract, macular lesions and a series of eye diseases. The anti blue light screen protector can reduce the damage of high-energy blue light to the eyes.

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