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Which Is The Best Way to Stick a Tempered Glass Protector?

Nowadays, smart phones get increasingly popular with more abundant phone accessories for sale, one of which is tempered glass protector. The price of tempered glass protector is not expensive. Therefore, a lot of people prefer buying it online and pasting it by themselves. This article will tell some tips for sticking a tempered glass protector.

1. Usually it comes with all the necessary tools such as dust-free cloth, alcohol cloth, dust absorber and so on when you buy screen protector.

2. It is necessary to tear off the old screen protector slowly becasue it has been stuck on the screen for a period of time, causing big adhesion between the old screen protector and the phone screen. If you use excessive force to tear off, it is easy to break the screen protector suddenly and hurt your hand. this situation should be avoided as possible as you can.

3. There is generally obvious dirt on the phone screen surface. You can wipe with a wet cloth, and dry it with a dust-free cloth. If there is still water stain residual, you can use a dry cloth to wipe it again.

4. After the above steps, the screen is quite clean already. But there may also be some small dust, you can use dust absorber to paste the screen surface again. At this time, the surface of phone will be very clean.

5. Take out the tempered glass protector which generally only has No. 1 label. Tear off the protective film of No. 1 label, put the torn face to the screen, and put it down gently after aiming at the hole.

There may be two situations when the full screen protector is pasted.

(1) The tempered glass protector has not been attached to the screen yet. it is floating on the screen. If the hole position is not accurate at this time, you can make small adjustments. Gently push the edge of tempered glass protector to adjust the position. After the position is perfect, press your finger to the middle of the screen and the tempered glass protector will automatically adsorb onto the screen.

(2) The tempered glass protector quickly starts to absorb onto the screen automatically from the side.

6. There may be some small bubbles after the phone screen protector automatically adsorbs onto the screen. You can use dust-free cloth to wipe  back and forth gently for several times, the bubbles will disappear. 

Few things needing to pay attention:

a. Prepare a quiet environment with smooth air flow before pasting. Don't paste your tempered galss protector when a fan or air conditioner is working, to avoid excessive dust in the process and increase the workload instead. 

b. If the tempered glass protector misaligns, slowly tear it up and repaste after aiming accurately.

c. If there is dust after sticking, observe whether the dust is on the tempered glass protector or on the screen when tearing, and stick the dust away with dust absorber.

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