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What is the Cause of Bubbles in the Cell Phone Glass Protector?

1. Poor exhaust of materials of cell phone screen protector

High-quality cell phone screen protector manufacturers generally use higher-end silica gel as the adhesive. The characteristic is its bright, textured surface, especially the black and white styles usually have a mirror-like feeling. It feels delicate and comfortable. The tempered glass surface feels very good, and it feels very delicate in the hand. The hardness is extremely high, and the toughened glass is 4 times that of ordinary glass in terms of impact resistance, scratch resistance and bending resistance. The mobile phone cases made of it are excellent in durability and scratch resistance.

The material has a good exhaust effect, as long as it is lightly attached to the screen, the bubbles can be quickly discharged, and it is tightly adsorbed on the surface of the screen. Printing all kinds of pictures and photos on the adhesive tape is a common sticker on the market. It is also a fashion product loved by popular teenagers and young people. It is printed with various cartoon characters and other patterns. And it can be pasted arbitrarily, most of which are disposable with more varieties.

Inferior materials are often incapable of expelling air bubbles because of the uneven coating of silica gel and the relatively low viscosity. The surface of good screen protector has been treated with oil, so that fingerprints and oil stains are not easy to stay on the surface, and it is easy to clean. The thickness of the second-generation product is 0.4mm, and the thickness of the third-generation product is 0.2mm. The surface hardness is 8-9H, which is three times the strength of ordinary PET. Knives and keys will not cut. Within the range of 30cm/68g in the landing test, there is no screen chipping. It has a certain degree of toughness and can be bent to 90 degrees.

2. Small dust on the cell phone screen protector

When the screen is not clean with small dust, it is easy to be affected by small dust when the cell phone screen protector is attached, which causes the film to be not tight and dot bubbles appear.

The solution to this situation is to wipe the screen clean with a non-woven fabric before sticking the film. If it feels difficult to clean it, you can add some alcohol (ethanol in the term) to wipe it. It is a sticky adhesive tape printed with pictures of yourself or your favorite. It is a fashionable product loved by popular teenagers and young people. It can be pasted on multi-element series products such as stationery, cups and bowls, electrical appliances, metalware, porcelain, vehicles, mobile phone labels, etc., with a very wide range of applications. It is also a kind of protection for the screen and the user to prevent the mobile phone screen from being scratched.

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