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Throw Them Away! These 5 Phone Accessories May Be Damaging Your Phone

Ever since the mobile phone was invented, various phone accessories have been on the market. After changing to a new phone, many friends start purchasing various gadgets to decorate the phone as soon as possible, but everyone must be aware that not all phone accessories are suitable for your phone. Some of the phone accessories you are using are quietly hurting your phone. Details are as follows:

1. The dust plug of mobile phone

In order to prevent dust from entering the interface of mobile phone, businesses have introduced a variety of dust plugs. There are many types of dust plugs made of plastics and metals. Many of them are made into cartoon shapes, which are very attractive to girls. However, the dust plug will wear the headphone jack and cause indelible marks.

If the dust plug of flexible glue falls short of specification, it will break your headphone jack.

The metal dust plug may also damage the circuit at the headphone jack, causing a short circuit in the mobile phone, which is more harmful to the mainboard. If you often use your mobile phone in the environment full of wind and sand, this dust plug can indeed play a certain role, but if you only use it in a daily life environment, the dust plug plays at most the decorative role, which is not dust-proof at all. Besides, the dust plug is also easy to fall off and lose. In fact, the headphone jack of the mobile phone has a dust-proof function, which is enough to cope with the dust in daily life.

2. Small fan for the mobile phone

The summer is scorching and people are easy to be sweaty at every turn. So someone has invented a magical gadget like a small fan for a mobile phone, which allows you to cool off while walking and makes you feel quite comfortable. But have you considered how your phone feels?

The data interface of the mobile phone can only be used as an input but not an output. A small fan needs a large amount of current output to work normally, which has seriously affected the operation of the battery and circuit board of the mobile phone. If the phone can’t be charged, what's its use? You can even award the small fan a prize for its efforts to ruin the mobile phone. There are many small fans with their own power supply on the market now. Don’t be greedy for the temporary coolness, because the small fan of your phone may ruin your phone.

3. Inferior power bank

The portable power bank is almost everyone's necessity when we are going out. If you do not consider carefully when purchasing, the power bank you are currently using may have certain safety hazards. Because in most cases, the cheap power banks have a low quality, and the circuit boards are often relatively rudimentary. Inferior batteries lack consistency, which seriously affects the stability of the power supply.

A good power bank should be comprehensively evaluated in terms of charging performance, safety, durability, conversion efficiency, etc. The appearance and price are just two of the reference standards.

4. Inferior chargers and mobile phone data cables

The service life of a mobile phone data cable is very short, and basically it needs to be replaced after half a year of use. Usually, everyone basically has a mobile phone data cable in their bag or company, because it is embarrassing to borrow a cable for charging when we are in a strange place. Sometimes people will choose a low-priced and good-looking mobile phone data cable, but if it is used for a long time, the current will be unstable, which will affect some electronic components on the mobile phone mainboard. Over time, the motherboard or some components will run out of power, the battery life of the mobile phone will be shortened, and the phenomenon of false full battery will appear. That is, you will find that the charging time from 99% to 100% will be particularly long. And once the charging stops, it drops to 99%.

This phenomenon is a symptom of unhealthy batteries. Long-term use of inferior data cables will greatly reduce the life of your mobile phone. Sometimes you don't know that the mobile phone data cable is the culprit when your mobile phone is broken.

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