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The Protective Effect of Tempered Glass Protector on Mobile Phone Screen

Tempered glass protector belongs to safety glass with good wear resistance and rigidity whose Mohs hardness is between 6-7. Chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the glass surface in order to improve the strength and toughness of glass. When the glass bears external forces, the surface stress is first offset, increasing the carrying capacity and enhancing the compressive resistance, cold and heat resistance and impact resistance itself.

Tempered glass protector is equal to an additional layer of protection for mobile phone screen, which mainly plays two roles:

1. The most important role of tempered glass protector is to prevent scratches

Mohs hardness is the most appropriate referential index for scratches. It is a standard used in mineralogy or gemology for mineral hardness, first proposed by the German mineralogist, Frederich Mohs, in 1812.

The Mohs hardness of the glass on the phone screen is at least six, that is, steel can't scratch it. So what is glass most afraid of? It is sand. The main ingredient of sand is quartz (SiO2) whose Mohs hardness is up to 7. Ordinary glass is not pure silica, therefore, hardness generally lower than quartz. The Mohs hardness of ordinary glass is only a little more than 6, so sand has become a glass curse. A scratch of sand will be cause the damage of a screen.

The outer screen of mobile phone can't immune to sand. Even if you are careful enough, it is still hard to avoid accidents. Therefore, the biggest benefits of sticking a tempered glass protector is to prevent scratch. It is one of the best mobile accessories you should own.

2. Drop resistance of tempered glass protector

Nowadays, most mobile phones integrate middle frame with glass screen. It's not easy to simply change the glass once broken, instead, the middle frame has to be replaced together, which has higher costs. So, it's essential to stick a premium tempered glass protector to prevent damage after falling.

In general, when a phone falls to the ground, the outer screen is usually broken at first and the inner screen keeps intact. While, after sticking a tempered glass protector, as an "outer screen of surface screen", it becomes the first to be destroyed, which meets the demand of drop resistance performance. Because if the protector is broken firstly, it will absorb all the impact within its critical range to protect the screen.

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