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The Main Function of Liquid Glass Protector

1. The main functions of the liquid glass protector:

The main component of the liquid glass protector is pure silica, which is extracted from quartz sand, and water or ethanol is added according to the specific surface material without other additives. Liquid glass protector is a replacement product of glass film. It is made of nano material. The protector is liquid before construction, and it is dried and solidified into a film 30 minutes after spraying. The film is transparent and the its thickness is 5-8um. Particles with a particle size of less than 20nm can transmit light well, absorb and refract natural heat sources, and solve the problems of secondary light pollution and lighting of reflective heat insulation products such as various glass films and LOW-E glass.

The antibacterial effect of this liquid glass protector is very long-lasting, because the microorganisms that fall on the surface cannot easily divide. Liquid glass has multiple functions such as waterproof, dustproof, anti-bacterial, breathable, heat-resistant, acid-resistant and UV-resistant. It is also easy to use without any environmental sequelae. Just add a small amount of water or alcohol to the solution and it can be sprayed directly on the surface of any object and then quickly form a transparent film that is no more than one hundredth the thickness of a hair.

2. Other functions of liquid glass protector:

1. Increase the strength of the glass: stop the fragments from splashing when the glass is accidentally broken, and reduce the harm to the human body.

2. Anti-glare glare: When the sun is in direct sunlight, it is easy to form piercing glare. liquid glass protector can make the light softer on the basis of ensuring the light transmittance and eliminate the damage of piercing glare to the eyes.

3. Easy to clean: it can penetrate and seal any electronic glass surface, avoid the formation of bubbles, make your phone easy to clean, and enhance the screen’s vividness and shooting quality.

4. Applicability: suitable for the protection of glass display screens of various shapes.

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