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The Advantages of Dot Matrix Screen Protector

1. What is the dot matrix screen protector?

Matrix points are touch points and explosion-proof points. On the one hand, it increases the adhesion of the glass, and most importantly, it increases the touch sensitivity of the tempered glass, which makes the response faster. Normal tempered films do not have matrix points. Some screen-printed tempered films and 3D curved tempered films have matrix points, so they are called dot matrix screen protectors.

2. The advantages of the dot matrix screen protector

● The surface is hard enough and scratch proof;

Even if you take a knife and scratch it hard, it won't get frayed, because the hardness of iron is lower than that of glass, let alone tempered screen protector.

● Explosion proof and scratch proof;

It can prevent the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to the accidental collision on mobile phones, reduce the hidden damage of the glass panel, and ensure the safety of users. At the same time, it can prevent accidental scratches and preserve the appearance of mobile phones.

● Simple to use and bubble free;

● The screen transmittance is as high as 98%, allowing the use of the mobile phone cover and other mobile phone accessories.

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