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Some Precautions for Mobile Accessories

1. Pay attention to the output voltage of the power supply during the charging process of the mobile phone battery. Otherwise, the charging function cannot be realized.

2. When using the data cable, pay attention to the matching of the transfer connector, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the corresponding use function.

3. The relevant mobile accessories must be placed in a dry environment. Rain, humidity, and various liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and devices.

4. When purchasing mobile accessories, it is best to go to the franchise store authorized by the manufacturer to purchase, so as to ensure that you can buy authentic original gadgets and make the phone safe and normal. If the mobile accessories are chosen randomly, the mobile phone may not reach the best use condition, and the normal use may even be affected in severe cases. Secondly, it may cause damage to the mobile phone or battery, shortening its service life.

5. When purchasing a screen protector of mobile phone, in addition to looking at its material, it is also necessary to understand the wear resistance, light transmittance and viscosity of the product. Professionals of the screen protector of mobile phone believe the transmittance of the screen protector is the most important factor.

6. Wear resistance: The screen protector is used to protect the screen, so its own wear resistance must be high. Especially for some mobile phones supporting handwriting input, the degree of wear resistance of the screen protector is even more important. Generally speaking, the higher the wear resistance of the screen protector, the higher the smoothness.

7. Light transmittance: The screen protector with poor light transmittance can hurt users' eyes. Under normal circumstances, the light intensity of the mobile phone screen itself is already very low, and a layer of screen protector will increase eye fatigue. The transmittance of high-quality mobile phone screen protector is about 95%, while the low-quality one is below 80%.

8. Easy to stick: High-quality screen protector can automatically stick on mobile phone on the premise of ensuring that the surface of the screen is clean, without bubbles. More importantly, high-quality screen protector is mostly electrostatically pasted, so no glue is needed, and it can be used repeatedly or even washed. While in general, there is glue on the back of the inferior screen protector, which must not be used repeatedly, let alone washing.

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