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Paperlike IPad Screen Protector


Paperless office is the characteristic of our time, I believe everyone get super excited when the iPadPro and the Pencil first came out. But the feeling of hard rubber writing on glass was awkward, it needs a better solution to avoid the pencil sliding all over the screen, and the feeling is just like writing on a real paper, below product is what need.


What is it? 

The paperlike iPad Screen Protector is a PET material film, which is more than what it says in its name, it does protect the iPad screen. However, when using the Apple Pencil, its matte finish makes it feel like you are writing or drawing on paper rather than glass.


Touch and fell

The Paperlike (and similar products) protector is generally marketed towards Apple Pencil users. Since the Pencil has a plastic tip, it slides along the glass panel of an iPad’s screen in a manner, which feels… unnatural. Paperlike instantly fixes this.Whether you are one for handwriting or drawing, it feels immediately awesome once you apply a Paperlike.

However, it also improves the feel of the iPad for simple touch operation. When you cycle through many musical apps with rotating knobs, sliders, and virtual piano keys. All of these are sometimes annoying, as the glass feels slippery and input gets inaccurate. Especially when the glass gets smudged up.
With Paperlike on the screen, fingerprint grease is reduced drastically and the display has a lot of grip, making it super-easy to accurately move sliders or tap the right virtual piano keys.


Since it’s a matte protector, you can say goodbye to sharp reflections and screen glare. Now, it’s not magical and it doesn’t let you use the iPad under direct sunlight. But it does mute reflections quite a lot, so you might find yourself able to enjoy your content in situations where you were previously annoyed by the reflections.
Futher more, it’s OK if you want to binge-watch Netflix or YouTube — the effect is not as annoying then, as the transparency rate is over 86% even though it is matte surface finished.


This anti-glare paper like screen protector has an oleophobic coating that resists oils naturally found on fingerprints, and Disheng technologys protector is also a bubble - free, easy install that curves perfectly around your iPads camera features.


Wear and tear

Since a matte screen protector is covered in a texture, you can expect it to degrade over time and need replacing much more often than a tempered glass protector does. Also, a Paperlike screen protector doesn't immediately show fingerprint smudges, but the fact is that dust, dirt, and grime does get embedded into the texture and builds up. It's a bit harder to wipe off, but not a huge chore to keep clean.

So, in general, a Paperlike protector makes an iPad feel better all around. If you want to know more, please contact Disheng technology.



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