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New Screen Protector for Foldable Phone

图片1.pngWhen you own a foldable phone, you would think about how to protect it.  General straight screen phone, the screen surface is often designed with a hard glass cover to protect the screen.  But in the past two years, the foldable phone has no glass cover on the foldable screen. 

Why is it designed like this?  The foldable phone uses a flexible display.  Different from the glass cover of the straight screen phone, the foldable phone uses the polymer material cover, so that the mobile phone screen can be folded to the maximum extent.  But because the polymer can be folded, it doesn't provide as strong a protective layer as a glass cover for the display.  As a result, the foldable screen, whose entire screen is made of flexible material, is one of the weakest and most important components in a phone.  


So it is important and necessary to put a screen protector on a foldable phone.  That current mainstream tempered glass is obviously not suitable for foldable screens.  


Disheng has developed a foldable screen protector to keep the foldable screen safe and shatter-free.  This protective film is made of a polymer soft material that can be quickly and easily installed on the screen and can be folded at will.  With its automatic scratch repair function, it effectively protects the screen from scratches.  In addition, process by plasma oil coating on its surface, the touch would be very smooth and sensitive when using the phone.


The protective film is only 0.15mm thick, which preserves the original display quality of your phone’s screen.

Now free screen protector samples available. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

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