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How to Distinguish the Quality of Mobile Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Although the mobile phone tempered glass screen protector has been on the market for a while, many people are still at a loss as to how to identify the quality of the mobile phone tempered glass screen protector. Below, we will tell you some simple and practical methods to help you to accurately identify the quality of the tempered glass screen protector. Next, let's introduce several methods of identification systematically for everyone!

1. Scratch resistance of tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass protector is not as fragile as ordinary mobile phone protection. A premium tempered glass protector can be directly scratched with blades, scissors, keys and other hard and sharp objects. If it is easy to make the surface If there are scratches, needless to say, this kind of screen protector is definitely not good enough. A good tempered glass screen protector is difficult to make obvious scratches on it.

2. Anti-fingerprint of tempered glass screen protector

The surface of the tempered glass screen protector with good anti-fingerprint performance is all water-gathering. Drop a few drops of water on it, and the water will not spread out. If it is shaken, it will be like mercury rolling on the ground without any trace. Another way is to write on it with oil pen. A good tempered glass screen protector is very difficult to leave marks on it, even if there is a little mark, it will be completely gone after just rubbing it.

3. Explosion-proof of tempered glass screen protector

This is a vital function, not only related to whether the phone protective film can protect the phone well, but also related to your own safety. A high-quality tempered glass screen protective film will not show any debris after it is broken, only cracked lines. It is actually a very irrational way to identify by knocking. As we all know, the harder things are, the better the flexibility, the stronger the anti-strike ability. So we can test it by bending and other methods.

4. High degree of fit of tempered glass screen protector

After buying the mobile phone protector, sticking is actually a very particular problem. A good film is always easy to stick on. A good tempered glass screen protector, after tearing off the protective sticker, directly follow the order, put it on the phone and press it lightly, and it will fit on itself completely without leaving any air bubbles, and it will be very tight. If it doesn't feel perfect, you can stick it again and again until you are satisfied.

5. Transmittance and feel of tempered glass screen protector

Transmittance can be tested, but it is not easy to achieve. Therefore, the simple and direct way is to see with vision. As long as there is a comparison, it is easy to distinguish the pros and cons. There is also the feel. Some tempered glass screen protectors have a delicate feel to the touch, perhaps better than the original screen of the mobile phone. But some are very rough. I believe no one likes the sticky feeling when sliding on the phone.

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