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How to Choose a Right Anti-blue Light Screen Protector

1.Where is the blue light from?

The sunlight outside your window, and the bright light of the phone screen, there is blue light, but when you are looking at the sunlight or the bright light of the electronic screen,generally ,you do not see a blue light.

For the blue light in sunlight, the recognized wavelength range is 380nm-500nm, which includes the UVA ultraviolet of 380nm-420nm. The blue light produced by the cell phone screen is not as wide as the sunlight, and only involves 430nm-480nm, so there is a difference between the band of the blue light of sunlight and cell phone screen.

2.How does the blue light damage our eyes?

A.High intensity. The backlight of the cell phone screen adopts the white LED light, the working principle is that the diode chip emits blue light, blue light source excites yellow light through the yellow phosphor coating , yellow light and the original blue light mixed to form the white light seen by the naked eyes. Blue light is generated when the chip is energized, so it is stronger than its excitation of yellow light.the blue light is with the highest peak , the strongest energy which is 60% more than other light,when the eyes only ten or twenty centimeters from the screen,in the situation that the the screen of blue light without reflection, the blue light is very  harmful to our eyes.

B. Flicker.When the lamp is about to break down, the voltage appears high and low changes, resulting in a light and a dark, which is our common lamp flicker. This flicker, we have not seen on the cell phone screen because is beyond the range of human eye recognition,but it does exist,when you open the camera of the the phone, you will still see the screen appears bright and dark.

C.Long time contact.Our day, in addition to sleep and work time, the most of the remaining time are holding the phone,on average,people play with the phone for at least four or five hours for day ,The eyes are exposed to blue light for a long time.

3.How does the anti-blue light tempered glass protect our eyes?

Anti-blue light tempered glass is specifically to block the blue light generated by the cell phone screen, different ways are adopted when produce the anti-blue light tempered glass in the market,and the effect is different.

A. One adopts the reflection blue light technology.When produce,coated the tempered film with a a film layer of reflecting blue light, by reflecting blue light out, to achieve the purpose of anti-blue light,this technology can reduce the blue light entering the eye.The cost of this technologyg is comparatively lower so the effect of anti-blue light is not so good.

B.Another kind of anit-blue light tempered glass, adopts the absorption of anti-blue light technology. The concept of this blue light tempered glass is based on the physics of complementary colors, "blue + yellow = white, yellow = white - blue" ,blue light mixed with yellow light to form white light,if need to remove the blue light in white light, tempered glass should be yellow. So the better effect of blue light tempered glass shows light yellow background color. Absorbing blue light tempered glass can effectively block the blue light generated from the screen that wants to enter your eyes, and the blue light released by people around you playing with your phone, it will not reflect into your eyes, it can be well absorbed.

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