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How to Choose a True Anti Blue Light Screen Protector?

There are many kinds of anti blue light screen protectors of various prices in the market. Low quality anti blue light screen protectors are easy to be bought if you do not pay enough attention. These protectors not only fail to protect your eyes but also cause greater damage. So when purchasing a blue ray tempered glass screen protector, you should be as cautious as you can.

Faced with these mixed anti-blue light screen protectors, how can we managed to buy a real anti blue ray tempered glass?

1. Transmittance

The transmittance is an important reference in selecting an anti blue light screen protector. Generally speaking, the transmittance of anti blue glass screen protector has to be at least 99.9%, so that it can effectively filter out blue light while ensuring the clarity of the mobile phone screen.

Before buying a anti blue light screen protector, it is recommended to check its rate of  transmittance.  If it doesn't reach this standard, you'd better think twice. 

2. Screen color distortion

When use some low quality anti blue light screen protectors, you will find the color of entire screen gets distortion and color offset. As a result, you need to correct the color and lightness by hand or other tools. While branded anti blue light screen protectors will not affect chromatic aberration and do not need adjustments.

3. Material

It's less ideal to add anti blue light technology to ordinary screen protector made of PET.

Nowadays, many branded mobile phone accessories supplier adopt tempered glass protector because it can easily add anti blue coating in order to protect eyes. Anti blue light screen protectors processed by good temperng technology can bend to more than 90° without any distortion.

4. Thickness

At first, thicknesses of some ordinary tempered glass screen protector reach up to 0.4mm, which may affect the sensitivity of touch in use.

But now quite a number of anti blue light screen protectors are able to reach the thickness of 0.1-0.3mm, which means the ultra slim thickness will give users a better experience and protect their eyes in the meantime.

Some businessmen may take this feature as the selling point to raise the price. However, tempered glass screen protectors with 0.2-0.3mm thickness are actually enough to satisfy our needs and have no effect on the user experience. There is no need to focus on ultra slim thickness when the price is appropriate.

5. Check whether there is a test report from the third party

Because a blue light filter tempered glass relates directly to eye health. Therefore, when producing, the manufacturer must get approved by authorized institutions and meet strict production standards. as a result, when buying an anti blue light screen protector, check whether it has a blue light test report from the third party.

6. Check whether there is anti blue light test lamp

As an old saying goes, true blue will never stain. Generally, if you buy anti blue light screen protectors online from quality manufacturer,  a test lamp will be sent together to help buyers conveniently check the quality of anti blue light screen protector directly. 

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