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General Production Process of Mobile USB Data Cable

With the popularity of electronic equipment, mobile USB data cable is an indispensable accessories for charging and data transmission of the electronic equipment , it is also a consumable, it will appear the fracture and damage to data cable core after a period of use, thus affect the data cable charging and cable transmission, let's take a look at the production process of the mobile USB data cable, therefore we can have a better understanding about the data cable.


General production process of mobile USB data cable:

1. The cutting line of mobile data cable

According to the requirements from the customers, cut the whole circle of mobile data cable into the length required by the customer through the wire cutting machine and adjust the size length. Do not crush or scratch the mobile data cable.

2. The peeling of the mobile data cable

The wire cutting machine generally has the function of peeling the data cable skin, however, you still need to operate the mandrel stripper manually if it cores. Pay attention to not scratch the core wire, the size and length should be reasonable.

3. Twisted braiding of mobile data cable

It depends on the raw materials with this step, some need it and some do not need it, basically it all will be twisted manually. Pay attention to braiding must be twisted completely.

4. Cut external aluminum foil of the mobile data cable

This is mainly for editing line to remove the aluminum foil on the core wire. Pay attention to cut completely and do not cut the core wire.

5. A de-cored wire of mobile data cable

Peel off the outer shell of the core wire with a core-stripping machine. Be careful not to break the copper wire and scratch the copper wire.

6. Soldering tin of mobile data cable

There are two kinds of soldering tin now: automatic soldering and artificial soldering, automatic soldering can weld some simple ones, the complex ones still need artificial soldering iron to weld. Pay attention to the iron temperature, and dislocation, continuous tin electrodeposit, false welding, tin point bright should be avoided.

7. Tin detection of mobile data cable

The welded mobile data cable needs to be checked to see if there is dislocation, continuous tin electrodeposit and false welding condition. The tin point should be full and bright.

8. Molding internal mold of mobile data cable

Mold the welded data cable through the molding machine, and pay attention to the molding pressure, temperature and time.

9. Semi-finished product test of mobile data cable

According to the sample to take out point location, can not open circuit, short circuit, bad INT function should be avoided.

10. Molding external mold of mobile data cable

Pay attention to molding pressure, temperature, time, do not hit the glue, have burr and crush the iron shell.

11. The test of mobile data cable

According to the sample to take out point location, and open circuit, short circuit, INT function is bad.

12. Exterior inspection of mobile data cable

Do not hit the glue, lack of glue, have burr, crush the iron shell and scratch.

13. The packaging of mobile data cable

Clean up the exterior and tie the wire according to the size of the drawing.

14. Warehousing -- OQC sampling inspection -- shipment

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