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Functional Classification of Mobile Phone Protective Film

In terms of functions of mobile phone protective film, it can be divided into functional protective films such as high-permeability scratch-resistant film, matte film, mirror film, and privacy film.

High permeability scratch-resistant protective film: high permeability toughened glass + AB glue + substrate. The surface of the film is treated by plasma coating process, which is abrasion resistant and scratch resistant. The transmittance is above 90%. The scratch resistance of our company's high permeability anti-scratch film is 9H. And the market effect is very good.

Frosted film protective film: it adopts a three-layer structure, the surface layer is a frosted layer, which can effectively resist the invasion of fingerprints. It has good finger touch and effective anti-reflection. However, the light transmittance is low, ranging from 85% to 89%. In addition, in the environment with strong mobile phone light, the film is granular. The price is higher than that of high permeability film, and the market effect is better.

High permeability and anti-fingerprint film: it is between the high permeability film and the frosted film, both of which have the same effect. The transmittance of the film is higher than that of the frosted film, but the frosting effect is not as good as that of the frosted film; The sanding feeling is higher than that of the high permeability film, but the light transmittance is not as good as that of the frosted film. The market effect is good.

Mirror protection film: when the main screen backlight is off, the protective film has good reflective effect and can be used as a mirror. The film has 5-6 layers, and one of them is treated by aluminum vapor plating. The mirror function is realized by using this layer to reflect light. Since there are many diaphragm layers, it has the function of anti-scratch. The disadvantage is that there are rainbow patterns. What’s more, the light transmittance, and reflection are low when it is used. The market it faces is mostly used by young women.

Anti-peep protection film: Using ultra-fine shutter optical technology, users can read from the front 60-degree viewing angle. When the viewing angle is greater than 60 degrees, the content on the screen cannot be seen clearly, which effectively protects commercial secrets and personal privacy. The film is divided into 180 degree and 360 degree. 180 degree is to prevent peeping on both sides, and 360 degree is to prevent peeping from both sides. It is available in red, black, green and other colors. The disadvantage is that the light transmittance is low, and the diaphragm has fine stripes. The market it faces is mostly business people and people with privacy needs.

Diamond protective film: using special nano luminescent material, it can reflect external light source. From a 60-degree angle, it has a subtle reflective effect, just like the diamond version. Diamond film can be divided into white diamond, gold diamond and colored diamond. The reflection of white diamond in sunlight is silver white, and gold diamond is gold. Color diamond can be reflected into different colors or various colors according to the corresponding color reflection.

Three-dimensional diamond protective film: also known as UV film, adopts advanced UV transfer technology, attaches a UV template to the PET protective film, and then prints various patterns. It is mainly used on the phone shell. Two pieces are a set, one for the front and back stickers, and the internal screen of the phone is processed separately, which does not affect the use of the phone and has a sense of fashion.

Carbon fiber protective film: made of imported special adhesive, with 3D pattern and strong flexibility. It is not easy to deform and can be well adhered to the surface. And it has anti-skid function. It provides a variety of color options such as white, black, and red. Most of them act on the reverse side of the body and can be used for both sides of the mobile phone. The internal front screen of the mobile phone is treated separately, which does not affect the use of the mobile phone.

Naked eye 3D protective film: it not only has the function of ordinary protective film, but also has 3D effect. After the naked eye 3D film is refracted on the screen, the naked eye 3D display stereo effect is achieved, which does not affect the 2D video effect and does not cause any inconvenience to the touch operation of the device.

Color edge silk screen printing protective film: the use of the protective film on the border of the color edge screen printing, so that the border has a variety of colors. It does not affect the use of the inner screen.

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