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Five Points to Tell You How to Choose a Mobile Phone Protective Film

No matter which brand of mobile phone you buy, a liquid phone protector is indispensable. When you put it on, you will feel at ease. In harmony with appearance and parameters that can be seen and felt on the mobile phone, this liquid phone protector can transmit light and is not transparent at all. Can you distinguish between good and bad liquid phone protectors?

1. Packaging. For regular brand products, we must pay attention to the style, appearance and material of the packaging. There are various labels, parameters and certifications, and all kinds of protector pasting tools are available, giving people a delicate and rigorous feeling. The products produced by those small workshops usually have very rough packaging, no sense of design, incomplete parameters, incomplete certification, and simple protector pasting tools. If you are a person who pursues the quality of life, when you look at it, this kind of bad product will be thrown into the trash can. Through packaging, you can roughly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of liquid phone protector, so as to reduce risks in purchase and time cost, but we also need to understand some professional knowledge and skills.

2. Appearance. In the age when it's trendy to pursue facial attractiveness, is there anything more important than looking good? It is true for liquid phone protector as well! At present, the mainstream tempered glass screen protector on the market is mainly divided into three types according to the appearance: the half-screen protector that are usually attached to the mobile phone, which is purely flat and larger than the screen and can only protect the middle part of the screen; full-screen protector, which is larger than half-screen protector, processed with silk screen frame all round, and looks very close to the original screen, but because it is flat, it is not suitable for the screen with curve; 3D curved glass screen protector, compared with the full-screen protector, can well protect the screen and has a good hand feel. Besides, it has the advantages of not easy to dry-ash and not easy to break, and it is the best in terms of beauty and hand feeling.

3. Details and quality! The details can not only reflect the intention and attitude behind the product, but also really affect our using experience. It is easy to see whether the quality is good or bad from the following points: the position of the size hole. The good tempered glass screen protector can perfectly fit the screen, which is like a tailor-made one because the size is just right, the arc of the screen can also be perfectly covered with no gaps left, and the holes are not biased and don't block the position of the phone hole, and don't open a big mouth, which may become a gathering place for all kinds of dust and dirt when a large area is exposed on the screen. It is also necessary to observe whether the surface is smooth, whether there are obvious pits, bumps, and whether there are no defects, jagged places, etc. in the printing area of silk screen. Generally speaking, a qualified liquid phone protector will not have these visible defects on the surface. If there are, it is necessary to doubt whether you have bought a defective or counterfeit liquid phone protector.

4. Hand feeling. The hand feeling and look are also the most important factors for us to choose a liquid phone protector. For many game lovers, the hand feeling is the most important factor! The hand feeling of the liquid phone protector is mainly determined by the following two aspects: ① chamfering technology; ② anti-fingerprint technology. In the chamfering process, the curved edges of the good tempered glass screen protector are all CNC polished, and the edges of the right-angle glass are polished to make the curved surface more rounded. If you touch the edge with your hand, you can intuitively feel it. The method of nano-electroplating is used to plate an anti-fingerprint layer on the surface of the tempered glass screen protector with an excellent anti-fingerprint technology so as to make the surface oleophobic and hydrophobic, so it is not easy to leave fingerprints. I will teach you the simplest and most effective inspection method: drop a few drops of water on the surface of the protector. Observe whether the water droplets are full, rolling and moving smoothly; the fuller the water droplets, the smoother the rolling, the better the anti-fingerprint effect, and vice versa.

5. Function. In addition to the general tempered glass screen protector mentioned above, there are many functional tempered glass screen protector for special needs on the market, such as anti blue-ray protector for vision protection and anti-peeping protector for privacy protection. After reading the article, have you known how to select a liquid phone protector?

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