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Eight Effects of Tempered Glass Protectors

A mobile phone glass guard is also called a tempered glass protector. It is a high-tech protector specially designed for protecting screens, and is the high-end new product with the strongest protection on screen at present. The average thickness of a tempered glass protector is 0.33mm which can entirely cover the phone screen. It not only prevents the screen from being damaged by external force, but also enhances impact absorbability, five times higher than PET. What's more. it does not affect screen video effect, helps the touch effect of smartphones, and easy to clean, safe and reliable.

Eight effects of using tempered glass protectors:

1. Strong anti-scratch and wear resistance reaches 9H (hardness). The wear resistance of other screen protectors is only 3H, which mean they have to be replaced soon. Tempered glass protectors have longer service time. even if there is an art knife or edged tool rubbing on tempered glass screen protector, it will not have any scratches.

2. Tempered glass protectors are of screen burst resistance, dropping damage resistance, bacteria resistance, glare resistance and radiation resistance.

3. High sensitivity of touch. Screen transmittance of tempered glass protectors reaches up to 98%, which can stop electron waves from harming human beings.

4. Clear picture. Tempered glass protectors can highlight the three-dimensional effect and increase the visual impact.

5. Long time use of tempered glass protectors is not easy to cause eye fatigue, better protecting your eyesight, and easy to use without bubbles.

6. The quality of tempered glass protectors will not deteriorate due to a long time use. Some protectors may leave corrosive adhesive on the screen surface, while tempered glass protectors produced is safe and reliable. Tempered glass protectors can be repeatedly pasted without leaving any trace and corroding the surface. Non-professionals can also fit it easily and freely.

7. Burst protection: Even if the tempered glass protecter is broken, it will not be broken into sharp pieces, which will not harm the human body and mobile phones.

8. It does not affect the use of mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories.

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