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Composition of Tempered Glass Protector

Tempered glass protector is composed of three parts: the upper layer, which is also the layer touched by our fingers, is made from anti-fingerprint oil; The middle layer is tempered glass; The lower layer is the AB glue layer. The following is going to talk about the technology and material of each layer in detail.

1. Upper layer of tempered glass protectors

Tempered glass protectors of low quality that do not have any anti-fingerprint oil processing are for saving cost. Tempered glass protectors of ordinary quality will use brush anti-fingerprint oil manually onto the upper layers, whose shortcoming is uneven smear and easy to fade away.  Tempered glass protectors of good quality will use the machine to coat the upper layers. These layers are more durable than manual ones. Tempered glass protector of best quality is to electroplate fingerprint-proof oil onto the upper layers. Layers processed by this technology will be much smoother and the effect can last more than 2 months. 

It is impossible to tell which technology is used in the upper layers by eyes. If you use tempered glass protectors frequently, you can judge its quality from the long-term touch.

2. Middle layer of tempered glass protectors

Tempered glass screen protector manufacturer purchases the raw material and makes protectors after CNC cutting, arc edge polishing and chemical tempering.

a. CNC cutting is to cut a whole piece of glass into different sizes of mobile phone glasses;

b. Arc edge polishing is to grind the square edge of the cut glassin to 2.5d radians;

c. Chemical tempering is to place a glass film in a high temperature furnace and make it have chemical reaction with potassium nitrate (the standard usually is 3-8 hours), to improve the glass strength and toughness so that even if the glass protector is broken, it will not cause any harm to the human body.

If you want to distinguish the glass material, you can simply break it. If the glass is broken in large pieces, it means the tempered glass protector is short of tempering time. While if the glass is broken in powder, it is a kind of well tempered glass.

3. Lower layer of tempered glass protectors

The lower layer of tempered glass protector is AB glue layer. The original places of raw materials are Japan, Germany, China and so on. From the perspective of cost performance, China produces AB glue of good quality and attractive price.

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