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Cleaning and Maintenance of Mobile Phone Data Cable

If you ask what can make you stick to it every day, I believe that the answer of many people is to play with mobile phones. As one of the necessary tools for mobile phone charging, the mobile phone data cable is "touched" by us every day. If we don't pay attention to the white wire, it will become yellow and dirty. What should I do? Let's take a look!

Ⅰ. Cleaning methods for mobile phone data cable

1. Wipe with hot towel

The mobile phone data cable is frequently used everyday, and it is inevitable that it will be stained with fingerprints and dust, which will leave dirt after a long time. At this time, the easiest way is to wipe it with a hot towel. Pour warm water between 40°C and 60°C on the towel, wring it out, don't leave too much water, and wipe it back and forth evenly.

2.  Clean with toothpaste

The data cable is yellow and dirty. It is most appropriate to scrub with a professional cleaning agent, but professional cleaning agents are not always available in daily life. We recommend a tool that is both ready and easy to use -- toothpaste.

Because the highest proportion of toothpaste ingredients is the friction agent, such as calcium carbonate, dolomite, etc. Using the friction particles contained in the toothpaste can easily remove some difficult-to-remove dirt.

3.  Cleansing with makeup remover

Makeup remover is definitely indispensable for girls who love beauty at home. It is also a rare mobile phone data cable cleaning artifact. You can choose a thick makeup remover cotton, dipped in makeup remover, pinch one end of the thread, wipe it from top to bottom several times, and the mobile phone data cable will be as clean as new. Even the stained part of the jeans can be easily done with makeup remover!

Of course, in addition to daily cleaning, maintenance of the mobile phone data cable is also essential!

Ⅱ. The maintenance of mobile phone data cable

1. Avoid getting close to heat sources

Most of the mobile phone data cables on the market are made of TPE material. When the gelatinous skin is close to the heat source, it will cause thermal expansion and contraction, and it is easy to break when the number of times increases. We must try to avoid the mobile phone data line close to heat sources such as hot computer hosts, mobile power supplies, heaters and so on.

2.  Lightly unplug and plug

When using the mobile phone data cable, try to hold the connector, lightly unplug and plug. Try not to play with your mobile phone when charging, it helps to extend the life of the data cable.

3. Add a protective cover at the tail of the net

The long-used mobile phone data cable often has creases or broken skin at the end of the net. It is recommended that you can add a protective cover to the data cable. While strengthening the net tail, it can also avoid the charging hazards such as short circuit and leakage caused by the broken wire body.

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