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Born for Privacy, a Must-have Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Commuters

1. Privacy phone screen protector can prevent peeping

You may have been in this situation: Sometimes I am very happy to watch videos by myself on the subway, and occasionally when I look up, others also watch my mobile phone very happily. Embarrassed and angry, I really don't want others to see my phone especially like some password-pressing links. However, as long as the privacy phone screen protector is posted, this problem can be completely solved!

2. The principle of privacy phone screen protector

Disheng can provide high-quality privacy phone screen protectors of different models, such as iphone 6, iphone 6s, and iphone xr privacy tempered glass screen protectors. 

Compared with the ordinary tempered film, the phone with the privacy phone screen protector is completely black when looking at the screen from the side. Others can not see the contents of the phone screen completely from the side, but they can see the screen directly. Clearly, the lower the screen brightness, the better the anti-peeping effect. When the screen brightness is full, the side view is similar to the blurring effect of myopia, and it also has an anti-peeping effect.

Its principle is similar to that of shutters. The shutters will present different scenes at different angles. When we look out the window from the front, the scenery in front of us can be unobstructed; when we look from the side, our sight is completely blocked. The distance between the louver stripes that we see daily is reduced, and hundreds of ultra-fine louver layers of leaves are implanted in a protective film. Thanks to the ultra-fine louver optical technology, the front of the screen has the highest light transmittance and strongest visibility. With the tilt of the angle, the transmittance will gradually decrease and the screen will gradually become darker.

3. The advantages of privacy phone screen protector

The glass used in the high-quality privacy mobile phone screen will make the mobile phone screen clear when used at a vertical angle, preventing peeping while ensuring the color reproduction of the picture, and the light transmission is even and not hurting the eyes. With high hardness, it is not easy to scratch when placed in a pocket, and it has strong toughness, requiring a lot of force to break the tempered film.

So on the whole, the need to protect privacy is to buy a high-quality privacy phone screen protector, both in terms of visibility and light transmittance.

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