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Are Privacy Screen Protectors Really Voyeuristic? How Does It Work?

There is no doubt that mobile phone has become an indispensable item in modern life. But when people use their phones in public areas, there is a headache: How do you prevent privacy leaks by not letting those next to you see what's on the screen?

Don't worry for there's already a product in the market, privacy screen protector. What does it do, and how does it do privacy?

Privacy screen protector refers to a layer of cold laminating tempered glass protector attached to the screen of a mobile phone, which looks the same as a normal mobile phone's tempered glass protector.

However, after being pasted with this film, only by facing the screen can users see the contents on the screen clearly while others can only see the darkness when looking from the side, preventing peeping and protecting the user's privacy.

The privacy screen protector takes advantage of the optical principle in physics and adopts the structure of ultra-fine louver, which can make the range of light reflected from the mobile phone screen smaller and most light only return along the incoming direction.

Therefore, only the user facing the screen can receive this part of light and see what is on the screen. Bystanders, at an angle to the screen, do not receive the light reflected from the screen from the side. Thus, even if they look at the screen, they see only darkness.

Ultramicroscopic louver is composed of multilayer materials and PET as well as PE protective layer are placed on the upper and lower structure of the main louver. PE and PET are the most common material in the general mobile phone screen protectors. PE protective film is mainly composed of polyethylene plastic, which can make the film bright, clean and glossy, and has certain anti-tension and anti-impact ability. Meanwhile, it does not affect the touch screen function of the mobile phone and plays a role in protecting the screen. PET film also has good heat and cold resistance, protecting the mobile phone screen better under relatively extreme external weather conditions.

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