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Anti-blue Mobile Phone Tempered Film: For Eye Protection

1. Development background of  Anti-blue mobile phone tempered film

With the rapid development of industry, mobile phone products are flooding the market rapidly, which makes the development space of mobile phone consumables market increase several times. In particular, although the mobile phone film materials can be divided into frosting, high permeability, bright diamond, steel, color paste and deep penetration, all kinds of products have corresponding consumer groups. Mobile phone users face the mobile phone screen for a long time every day, but they don't know how harmful the blue light scattered from the mobile phone screen is to their eyes.

Currently mobile phone protection films are mainly classified into HD anti scratch film, frosted anti fingerprint film, 3D film, diamond film, color film, mirror mask, tempered glass patch, anti reflection film, mobile phone explosion-proof membrane and so on. It is not difficult to see that the above mobile phone protective film only protects the mobile phone from being scratched, or is decorated on this basis to achieve a beautiful effect. All the mobile phone protective films currently on the market have not gone out of the concept of protecting the mobile phone itself.

2. Importance of  Anti-blue mobile phone tempered film

However, your health is more important than the mobile phone! For mobile party, the mobile phone can be without film, but it is not necessary to protect the eyes. The myopia, dry eyes, astringent eyes, and eye fatigue caused by using mobile phones for a long time are all caused by blue light. It not only seriously threatens our eye fundus health, but also induces blindness! Blue light can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. The screen era needs a protective film that can protect both mobile phones and human eye health. It is the anti blue light tempered glass screen protector.

Disheng Anti-blue mobile phone tempered film is a protective film with dual functions of protecting the screen and protecting the eyes. We focus on the design, research and development, and production of various high-end material films. We have a number of leading international patent technologies and have passed international authoritative certification. The products sell well all over the world, everyone is welcome to come and buy!

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