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5 Parameters for Purchasing Anti Blue Light Mobile Phone Film

Ⅰ. Is anti blue light phone screen protector useful?


1. Anti blue light: it prevents the damage of 380um to 420um high energy short wave blue light to eyes and it reduces the catalyzed effect of blue light to skin melanin;

2. Anti-bacteria: the anti blue light phone screen protector is coated with silver nano coating, which can kill 99% bacteria and effectively protect the health and safety of users;

3. Impact proof: the hardness of anti blue light phone screen protector can reach 3H, which can effectively prevent accidental drop, collision and the damage to mobile phone screen caused by crushing;

4. Scratch proof: protects the phone or tablet computer screen from scratches with left marks;

5. High transmittance: the screen is still bright and clear after the filming;

6. Easy to clean: only need to wipe the screen to make the screen look like a new one;

7. Bubble free and easy to film.

Ⅱ. The product characteristic of anti blue light phone screen protector

1. Anti blue light phone screen protector is researched and developed to reduce the harm of blue light to people. Compared with the emerging screen protectors on the market, anti blue light protector in addition to explosion-proof, fingerprints removing, scratch prevention, sterilization and other functions. And its most distinctive function is blue light blocking.

2. Anti blue light phone screen protector can greatly reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes and control the myopia from getting worse by absorbing and transforming the blue light emitted by mobile phones, computers, TVs, LED lights and other light sources; Anti blue light protector can not only prevent myopia, but also prevent skin dryness caused by ultraviolet reflection through the absorption and transformation of ultraviolet light.

3. The most direct way to identify the anti blue light phone screen protector is to use the blue light test lamp to test directly on the spot. This is because the anti blue light protector can effectively filter and block the blue light emitted by the background light source of the phone.

4. The production of anti blue light phone screen protector has strict implementation standards, which also need to pass the certification of the authority when it shows on the market. Therefore, you have to check whether the mobile phone screen protector has the blue light effect monitoring done by a third party when you choosing it.

Ⅲ. Anti blue light phone screen protector choose 5 parameters

1. Blue light protection value. For regular and effective products, the standard protection rate of blue light is greater than 99.9%UV protection, which can effectively filter and suppress the high energy blue light scattered by the screen, reduce the fatigue of the eyes looking at the screen for a long time.

2. Thickness. The anti-blue mobile phone screen protector is not as thick as possible. Generally, regular professional polarizer manufacturers such as AP brand anti-blue light film can achieve a thickness of 0.1mm on the premise of realizing 99% blue light protection, which is no different from ordinary mobile phone protective film.

3. Material. Pay attention to whether the product details display the HD ultra-high-definition technology, preferably optical grade PET material, with a light transmittance of more than 90%.

4. Visual distortion factor. This is standard that has been often overlooked. The mobile phone screen protective film produced by a professional manufacturer of polarized light can reduce the color shift and color discrimination distortion rate, and there is no need to adjust the screen brightness after attaching.

5. The surface is scratch-resistant and hardened to prevent scratches. The high-tech surface nano-coating of the anti-blue mobile phone screen protection film has a good oleophobic function, fingerprints and oil stains can be wiped off in one go, and it is easy to install.

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